SPRINGIFLED, Mass. – Springfield Tech Community College celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this month by opening up their Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts Gallery to showcase the art installation by Filipina- American artist Donnabelle Casis.

Casis displayed a newly created 3D art called “Kinetic Peripatetic: A Moving Mobile Installation.”

Casis’ art explores the relationships of personal identity to showcase systems of signification in both ancient and modern cultures.

Her work is inspired by many sources, including Filipino tribal tattoos and textiles, facial recognition software, cosmology, and the philosophy of metaphysics, among others.

Her first installation at the Springfield Tech Gallery was back in March 2020, but the exhibit only lasted two days before shutting down because of COVID-19.​

“In this installation, there are specific Filipine textiles being used in some of the imagery,” said Casis. “I wanted to create an environment that was experiential, that was transformative when you walk through it, that has no one particular vantage point.”

The Gallery is free and open to the public with Casis’ work being on display on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with masks being required for all in-person viewing.